Some Great Italian Restaurants In New York

I had relocated to New York to work there and after I got settled in there I wanted to try out some of the restaurants in the area. I went online to see which options there were and I found a whole lot of different restaurants to try. There are all types of restaurants offering a variety of menu items. Some of them I could see online and was even able to read reviews about them from customers that frequent or have been to the restaurants. I read some really great things about Italian restaurants in the area and I really wanted to check one of them out. I love Italian food and always have. It’s very rare that I get something from an Italian restaurant that I don’t like.

Since there were so many great reviews about the Italian restaurants, I was having a hard time deciding which one to try first. I asked a few of my co-workers which restaurant they would recommend and they both said the same one. I knew I would find something I liked there.

After I looked at the menu and right before I was leaving work, I called my order into the restaurant. They told me when it would be ready so I could pick it up. It was convenient to pick it up on my way home from work and I wasn’t going to have to wait long for my food.

The restaurant was really easy to find because I used my GPS to locate it. It was a really nice restaurant and when I walked into it, I knew I wanted to come in one night for dinner and sit down and eat. The ambiance was wonderful and it was just like one of my favorite Italian restaurants back home. I knew I had to make plans to go out with friends one night and have dinner here. I couldn’t wait to taste my food I got. I didn’t wait long on my order and it smelled so good the whole car ride home. I got home and had a few things to take care of then I sat down to eat my dinner. The serving size was huge and the food was so good. I definitely wanted to go back to this restaurant. The price wasn’t that bad either considering the amount of food I got.

When I got back to work the next day I told my co-workers I tried that Italian restaurant out and that I really loved their food. They both said that Lex restaurant is their favorite, but there are also other Italian restaurants in New York that I will have to try too. They gave me the names of them so I could check them out.

In the meantime, I tried a few other restaurants like Chinese and Mexican restaurants. Then I decided I wanted to try another Italian one. I tried another one my co-workers had mentioned and their food was just as good. I really loved the serving sizes and the prices were comparable to the other restaurant. This one was a little out of my way to drive to, however, the food was worth it and really good. I know there are a few others I need to check out because I have heard such great things about them. For now, I have found 2 of the best Italian restaurants in Upper East Side NY and I am glad they are located close to me so I can go to them whenever I have the craving for their food.

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