Choosing a Restaurant and Caterer for Your Next Event

Restaurants are more than just places where you visit to eat. Some of them are also caterers for private events whether corporate, for weddings or on a lesser scale. The wrong caterer can destroy an otherwise wonderful event. So how do you choose the right restaurant and caterer for your occasion?

Before you get into the specifics if you have no company in mind, begin by asking your family, friends, and acquaintances if they have any ideas. After this step, research restaurants and caterers on the Internet. Look for companies that have well-organized websites and complete information. Look for reviews. A great place to find reviews is on Yelp or Facebook. Or you can Google companies in your area, Westchester caterers, for example and look at their Google reviews. If the reviews look good, begin to narrow down the ones that interest you and have three to investigate. Follow the six steps below to get the right restaurant and caterer.

1. Do They Seem to Care About Your Event?

This is a consideration that you’ll need to rely heavily on your instinct. When you contact a restaurant and caterer, are they responsive and excited about your event? Or, are you just another name on their list? Do they seem rushed or do they take their time with you? What’s great about choosing a restaurant and a caterer is that there are lots of different options. If you get a bad vibe right away, ditch the company and go with a different one.

2. Have They Dealt With Your Kind of Event In the Past?

You are looking for a caterer for your wedding shower. You expect to have about 20 to 30 people. Has the restaurant and caterer that you’re speaking to dealt with small personal events before. Or is their focus strictly on large corporate events? If they have dealt with small private functions, do they offer anything special to celebrate such occasions? No matter what kind of occasion you’re focusing on, the company you are working with should have the experience to give you excellent service.

3. What Kind of Menu are You Seeking?

Some restaurant and caterers offer standard menu options. There’s nothing wrong with that, and that doesn’t mean the food won’t be amazing, but you need to decide if that’s what you want. If you want to be able to pick what you want to be served, which some but not all companies offer, you’ll need to pay attention to that. Also, do you have special requirements, such as dietary restrictions, vegetarian or vegan restrictions, children’s options, etc.? All of that needs to be taken into consideration when you interview a restaurant and caterer.

4. Are You Allowed to Sample the Food?

When you hire a restaurant and caterer, chances are you’re already familiar with their food. But if you’re not, inquire if you can sample some of the options. You never want to hire a company with food you’ve never tasted no matter how good the reviews are. You and you alone need to be satisfied with the food before you hire.

5. Do They Offer Alcohol Options?

Do you wish to serve alcohol at your event? Inquire if the restaurant and caterer have alcohol options. Not all companies offer the option of alcohol, but if you find a company that does, it can save you a step.

6. Is Everything Spelled Out in the Contract?

Before you work with any restaurant and caterer, you need to have a well-written contract that spells everything out. There should also be a clear cancellation policy included in the agreement. Contracts not only protect the company, but they protect you, especially if you have a written contract.